How Toxic People Destroy Your Happiness


Toxic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So there you sit, trying to have your lunch in peace after a hectic morning, when along comes Louise, the office gossip who never has a nice thing to say about anybody or anything.

Before you can get up or say anything, she plops down in the seat across from you and immediately begins complaining about how miserable her job is.

You don’t care. All you want to do is eat your damn lunch. But you’re afraid if you say anything it will cause a scene, so you just sit there and let her rage on.

You shoot her dirty looks, and inwardly curse her for ruining your afternoon.

But guess what…

She didn’t do anything that you didn’t allow her to do.  You actually brought this on yourself. (more…)

We All Need a Hero. Who’s Yours?

Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire in the 1932 production of The Gay Divorcee.

When I was a little girl, I fell madly in love with Fred Astaire.

After school and on weekends, I sat down and carefully studied every move he made, wishing I could dance like that. He was so graceful, so flawless. And I wanted to be just like him one day.

Eventually I got off the couch and began clumsily imitating his dance moves. I was no Fred Astaire, that’s for sure. He made it all look so easy on the screen, but dancing the way he did was impossible for mere mortals such as myself.

Even when I began taking serious dance lessons, and practiced for hours a day, I could never dance as well as he did.

Few people could. (more…)

Are Politics More Important than Friendship?

Corner of Friendship Dr. and E. Winnemissett A...

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It’s unfortunately that time of year again, my friends — election time in the United States.

During political years we are bombarded with political ads attempting to persuade voters to support various issues and candidates.  “Vote for me because I am honest and awesome and my opponent is a lying piece of crap…” is the only thing you see during commercial breaks now.  It almost makes you miss being brainwashed by ads for erectile dysfunction and feminine hygiene.

That’s Murica for you.  The land of the buy one, get one free sale and politicians with capped teeth and helmet hair who have more money than you will ever see, but they want you to believe that they understand your needs well enough to represent you. (more…)

Stop Making Excuses to Blame the Victim

Hundreds gathered at the Alberta Legislature g...

Hundreds gathered at the Alberta Legislature grounds in Edmonton to protest against victim blaming. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You would think that in the 21st century, people would be smart enough not to blame the victim for acts of violence.

But it still happens every day.

“If she hadn’t dressed that way…”

“If she hadn’t flirted with him that way…”

“If she wasn’t a stripper (or a prostitute)…”

All these “ifs” people throw around make it seem that the victim of a violent act (such as rape) were wrong for not properly protecting themselves in the first place.  They got what they deserved because they were supposedly careless in the way they dressed or acted.

We are sending the message that rapists are not criminals, but people who were driven to insanity by some evil woman.  This, my friends, is BS. (more…)

Seven Words You Should Never Say

In 1972, the late, great George Carlin cussed out the world by famously listing the “Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television.”

Forty-two years later, six of those seven words are still bleeped out or not used at all.

This proves that not a lot has changed in the 21st century with the way we view profanity.

People honestly need to give up the faux shock and horror they express over hearing those words.

Instead, they should focus on seven other words that they should never say to other people, and those are:

“I understand what you are going through.” (more…)

Are You the Victim of an Abusive Friendship?

toxic abusive friendshipWhat does friendship mean to you?

For most of us, it means being with people who understand us, and accept us for who we are — the good, the bad, and the ugly.

They are there when you need a shoulder to cry on, and there to giggle with over an inside joke.

Friendships, at their core, are positive relationships that make us feel good.

So what about those friends who constantly leave you feeling drained and insecure?  What are they…really? (more…)

How Will Always Humiliate Women Next?

English: I photographed this picture from a pu...

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Am I the only one who is deeply disturbed by the advertising for Always feminine hygiene products?

My mother will tell you she doesn’t like seeing any of it, but she is from the old school that didn’t discuss such things in public.

(She’d cringe at this post, I’m sure.  Good thing she doesn’t do the internet!)

Anyway, back to me and my discomfort. The Always advertising is more disturbing than most because they try to act like you’re a complete idiot if you aren’t enjoying your period.

And if you aren’t competing in triathlon races and diving off cliffs during your ladies’ days, then you haven’t really lived, have you?

But Always doesn’t stop there, girls…. (more…)

The Evil Office Gossip Must Die!

English: Eugene de Blaas: The friendly gossip

Eugene de Blaas: The friendly gossip (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why does it seem that every business has at least one annoying gossip monger?

You know the type.

They are the people who stop you in the halls every day with fresh dirt on somebody….

Or something….

They speak to you in a confidential tone, as if you two are the only ones who have the scoop.

Even though they have probably already told everyone on all six floors, including random delivery people.

Is there anything one can do to make the office more tolerable?  Sure there is, but first let’s explore what this creature is so we can better understand it. (more…)